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MGroup was setup in 2021 regrouping Maghha Trading Co Ltd and Acumen Intercontinental Corp. Ltd (Mauritius) under one roof to provide a one stop shop for electronic/electrical/security systems / PV Solar Roofings / Fibre Cement Roofs / Fibre Cement Boards  in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean and the African continent.

Our business model provides, the go to platform for construction, from latest state of the art dry construction, to eco-friendly energy solutions and security solutions.

Our Director, Mr. Mooneesamy, is an entrepreneur, with expertise in both electrical, security and PV Systems (including civil works). He places values such as Customer Satisfaction, Reliability and Robustness of Products, Business Transparency, Concern for the Environment and the Community, Non-Discrimatory Business Practice and Healthy & Safe Working Environments at the very forefront.

In 2002, our Director Mr. Mooneesamy, set up Lordan Visionic Technical Services Ltd, providing electrical and electronic security services. We successfully installed CCTV Surveillance Systems and Burglar Alarm Systems at several VIPs in the country.

Maghha Trading Co. Ltd, was then incorporated on 04th May 2006 for importing and distributing electrical and electronic appliances and accessories. We have as such, been dealing with imports, supply, installation and commissioning of high-tech security systems viz. CCTV Systems with monitoring, Industrial Electrical Installations (Single and 3-phase Systems), Fire Alarm Systems, Burglar Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Solar Lighting.

ACUMEN INTERCONTINENTAL CORPORATION LTD, was incorporated on 31st October 2017 in the Republic of Mauritius when we were appointed sole representative of Acumen Intercontinental Corp (Taiwan) for Mauritius, the Indian Ocean and Africa continent. Acumen is a Taiwanese manufacturer and supplier of high-tech surveillance systems viz. Cameras, Video Recorders, Capture Cards, Access Control Systems and Monitoring systems.

Acumen Intercontinental Corp, (Taiwan) was founded on 18th January 1997. For more than 10 years the Company has kept growing and has won worldwide recognition. Acumen now sells equipment to more than 150 countries from all over the world. Acumen International Corp. owns more than 10,000 square meters factory and office space. The production volume of the Company is more than 160,000 systems per year.

ACUMEN INTERCONTINENTAL CORPORATION LTD (Mauritius) has a strategic partnership with ACUMEN INT. CORP, (Taiwan) whereby our Mauritius Office has full support from our Taiwan partners. For all our major projects we get high level technical consultancy assistance and the physical presence of engineers and technicians from Taiwan for supervision of the projects.

Our Mission

To produce class products of outstanding quality that gives our customers a competitive advantage through high end products and value, so that we can exceed every customer’s expectation.

Our Vision

To serve our clients within lead times, to be customer focused and competitive through better quality, state of the art technology and continuous innovations

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